"You should have learned."
"I don’t learn, it’s one of my issues."

Another lover hits the universe. The circle is broken. But with death comes rebirth. And like all lovers and sad people, I am a poet. - Kill Your Darlings (2013)

power of human love//sterek? you said in the s2 finale when it paned from derek to stiles (i honestly don't remember it going from derek to stiles sorry i suck) it was symbolic of the fact that derek loves him? but we haven't seen them fall in love.


Hello there, nonny.

Now the whole scene in 2x11 was athenadark’s work, not mine so I’m not gonna talk about it but feel free to check out her metas - they’re more than amazing (as well as the entire meta group’s - awesome people all around :D)

The only thing I’ll say about it is that I don’t think Derek loved him in that moment or fell in love then and there (my personal headcanon is that it happened over the summer they spent together between s02 and s03) but it is an important scene nonetheless.

What I am going to talk about is the last part of your ask, nonny. Because how can someone miss the development these two have had is baffling me to tell you the truth. So buckle up cause this is gonna be a long ride.

We start s01 with one Derek Hale showing up in town and creepily creeping on teenage boys who have just been bitten and have their heads in other places instead of worrying about little things like learning control, not killing people, not exposing their secret to the whole town, etc. You know, no biggie. And we have one Stiles Stilinski who for some reason can recognise our bad boy the moment he lays eyes on him despite the fact that Derek has been gone for 6 years and is definitely not a teenager anymore. What’s more, Stiles knows and remembers what happened to his family. Then we have those two buckering all over the place everytime they’re in a scene together like parents who can’t agree on how to raise their son. We have the bedroom scene where Stiles despite having to reason to do so hides Derek from his dad but more importantly we have Derek hunted by the police (and hunters) going to the sheriff’s house of all places to hide? There’s hinding under someone’s nose and then there’s going into the lion’s den cause you trust the lion’s son to protect you from his daddy. Then we get some more buckering, nakedness, some more buckering, Derek holding Stiles accountable for using his body (the only time he’s done so btw) and Stiles understanding that and knowing what he did was wrong. And *then*, my friend, then we get our crowning moment of the season - Stiles foregoing the game, which we know was so so important to him, the game which his dad took a night off so he could come and cheer for Stiles, the game that was the first time Stiles was actually getting to play - and he throws that away without hesitation to help the one and only sourwolf. And Derek’s reaction? Well, try googling the beginning of a crush and his face will probably come up.

Onto the lovely s02 and I have two words for you, nonny - pool scene. That goddamned wonderful perfect scene. I could talk about it for days. But I won’t. Promise. So short version - Derek has Erica bring Stiles so they can get to the flirting already gathering of info, Stiles is a smartass as usual, Derek’s playing around with a basketball (of importance is to note one Miss Paige who also was flirted with had a conversation with Derek while he was playing around showing off with a basketball), kanima shows up, Derek -alpha werewolf, apex predator - turns his back on the threat in order to make  sure Stiles is running for his life, which he isn’t, of course, because he chooses to stay with Derek and help him escape. Then it’s two hours in a pool, holding the guy up while begging him to trust you and getting really upset when he thinks all you care about is keeping him alive so he can fight the big bad lizard later. Then it’s making the choice again to stop calling for help so you can keep this guy who you sooooo do not like from dying to the point where you’re already sinking under but still do not let go and even lift him up over yourself in a last ditched effort to give him some extra time. Thank god for best friends who are able to get their heads out of those other places for like 5 minutes or so. This would be the end you think? Oh, but no, it’s not cause see then we get the cherry on top of our chocolate cake (I love chocolate, don’t judge) in the form of the only scene from s02 that can top the pool scene and that is Stiles saying to Derek’s face that werewolves are not abomanations, the kanima is. Try googling second stage of crushing on someone for Derek’s reaction. Then in the police station we get a lovely dose of protective Derek telling Scott to take Stiles to safety first, not that Scott was going to do anything else. We also get some more buckering on the floor and saving future father-in-low.

And we have arrived onto the season of Sterek. I already said that I think Derek actually fell in love with Stiles during that summer so what do we have in 3a? Looks! Secret meaningful looks here, secret meaningful looks there, secret meaningful looks everywhere! We have fisting jokes, we have even more banter and old married couply buckering, we have confortable conversations with creepy uncles alone in the loft. We have Stiles assuming if anyone’s going with Derek on deadly mission, it’d be him. Scott who? We have Stiles putting his hand on Derek’s shoulder in a  moment when he had lost everything. We have Stiles going to creepy uncle and mysterious sister looking for Derek, we have Stiles crying over Derek tragic past, we have Derek breaking out of Jennifer’s spell at the sight of Stiles tearfully asking about his dad. We have Stiles snapping at Derek and yelling in his face and Derek letting him because he knew Stiles needed to vent. We have more reasuring touches in an ambulance. We have a very desperate and terrified Stiles trying to wake Derek up on the floor of the elevator, followed by hand holding, shoulder touching, more talking, more looks, oh my! And this is just 3a.

3b shall be forever tittled The Time Derek Hale Spent Every Moment Looking For One Stiles Stilinski And Did Everyhting In His Power And Beyond That To Make Sure Nobody Laid A Hand On Him. To return the favour Stiles made Derek the king on his board and basically showed him how to sirvive the fight with the nogitsune. What’s that now? I hear something - oh, finale scene of the season? You mean the scene which basically gave us Derek escaping to his dream Stiles because the reality of his situation was so terrifying? You mean the scene that showed us Derek had chosen Stiles as his new anchor and asked him for help because he knew Stiles would give it to him? Yeah, I thought that’s what you meant.

Finally we arrive in my favourite season yet to find one very desperate (it’s becoming a habit of yours, Stiles) Stiles going to freaking Mexico, getting inside a hunter-owned club, bargaining with the leader of those hunters, travelling to a church in the middle of nowhere and all of this at the risk of his own life and for what? "We’re here for Derek Hale". We have Stiles I’m Gonna Tell You The Truth Even If It Hurts Stilinski wanting to lie to baby Derek just so he could spare him some pain. We have Stiles fucking pissed as hell when he found out Derek’s name was the key to the deadpool. We have both of them in realtionships (more or less) with gorgeous ladies and yet they both seem pretty damn miserable. We have constant paralleling and visual links showing us they’re thinking about each other. And we still have a pretty big finale coming with who knows what goodies inside it.

So anon, tell me how have we not seen them fall in love?


somebody take Photoshop away from me




"Those poor boys"


"She deserves to be punished too."


"I’m not saying I support rape, but-"


"Sorry to say - she deserved it."


"She put herself in harm’s way"


"But if she was fingered, then that’s not rape."


"She ruined their lives."


"Well she didn’t exactly say ‘no’.."


"Yea, but did you see what she was wearing?"


"Boys will be boys!"


"She should know better than to drink at a party…"



The boy

The young man

Still caught up in the mess that was made by the adults around him

With two such powers, it never ends at an eye for an eye. A skirmish becomes a war. A murder becomes a massacre.  And a boy gets caught in the middle.

But seriously if you don’t love Drake & Josh there’s something wrong with you, I mean